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Jan 27
What are Bitcoins, and should you be buying them?
27 Jan, 2015. 0 Comments. Finance. Posted By: admin
What is all the fuss about? Bitcoins, have you heard of them? And more importantly, if you have heard of them, do you know what they are? This is a term that has been bandied around for the last few years, and whilst people nod their heads knowingly, pretending to be all up on the latest innovations, few truly understand exactly what they are, and what they can be used for. Well, put simply, Bitcoins are a form of payment, just like money, but with a few subtle but notable differences, and can be exchanged and invested, just like regular…
Jan 27
Top Ten Best Productivity Hacks
27 Jan, 2015. 0 Comments. Productivity. Posted By: admin
Not enough hours in the day? Unfortunately we can’t add extra hours to the working day, what we can do however is find ways to make the hours we do have more productive. How so? Well, procrastination is one of the worst culprits for time wasted, but sometimes no matter how hard you feel you’re working, you’re just not getting anywhere. The key is to look at what exactly it is you’re doing, and what you could do differently. Prioritise. Without a doubt, organising your tasks in order of importance and performing them in this order will get you where…
Jan 27
Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Proposal
27 Jan, 2015. 0 Comments. Technology. Posted By: admin
High speed confusion? You might be aware of Elon Musk, he is of course known for being the founder of multi-billion dollar company, PayPal, amongst others, and when this man has an idea and puts together a proposal, you can be assured he means business. The latest idea? High speed transportation, nearly reaching the speed of sound. Hair-raising? Well, when you look into what it will involve for the passenger, it’s not likely to feel any different to flying. The science behind it? A little different. Named ‘hyperloop’, Musk has put together his proposal for transportation between LA and San…
Jan 27
2015’s Best Airlines for Business Travel
27 Jan, 2015. 0 Comments. Travel. Posted By: admin
When you’re travelling for business, not pleasure, you need certain perks to go along for the ride. For example, if you’re heading off long-haul you need extra leg room, you need facilities to make your journey more comfortable, and you need certain extras to help you do some work whilst you fly. We know that most large airlines have a business class section for most flights, and upgrading is probably the best way to ensure a comfortable and productive journey. Having said that, how do you know which are the best in terms of business travel, and how can you…
Jan 26
How to Outsource your Life  
26 Jan, 2015. 0 Comments. Productivity. Posted By: admin
Delegation/outsourcing, it’s all generally the same thing, and what’s more, both of these concepts can seriously help in your daily life, not only through work but also making sure everything you need to do back home is sorted out too. Where work is concerned, outsourcing is certainly the way forward, and you’ll find countless websites dedicated to finding the best contractor or freelancer for your particular task. Look at it this way, if someone is particularly talented in a certain area, and you have a job that needs doing in that area, you’re going to get a higher quality outcome…
Jan 26
How Did Mark Cuban Make His Money?  
26 Jan, 2015. 0 Comments. Finance. Posted By: admin
For money-making inspiration, you need look no further than Mark Cuban. Famous the world over, this American businessman and shrewd investor has grown from the roots to the very top of the tree, using sharp decision-making skills and investments to earn his bucks, finding it all in the tech start-up field. But, just how did he do it? Relatively young for such a successful entrepreneur, Cuban was hard-working and tenacious even as a child, trying out money making schemes as early as high school, to earn some extra dollars. Cuban has a keen eye for buying and selling, as well…
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