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    Social Networking for the Rich

    According to a report from, A network known as “Netropolitan” is offering social networking for the elite. The site will cost “£5,500 or $9000 to join plus nearly £2,000 or $3000 in annual membership fees.” The site is quoted to say that its purpose is for people to be able to discuss such topics as “fine wines, fancy cars, and lucrative business decisions without judgement.” The founder of Netropolitan, James Touchi-Peters likens the website to “real world social clubs or…
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    Top Tips for Time Management

    It has been said that before a man can even hope to be in charge of others, he must learn to be in charge of himself. If you cannot manage your own time, it will be increasingly difficult to manage a business, and the time of your employees. Because of this, time management is a vital skill to have in order to be successful, whether you are a one-man army, or have an entire company at your disposal. Here are…
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    How to Invest in Commodities  

    What are Commodities? According to wikiHow, the term “commodities” refers to “raw materials and produce; metals like silver, gold and copper, and crops like corn, soy beans and grains are all commodities. Rather than buy up the materials themselves, investors participate in the commodities market by purchasing futures or stock, or by investing in exchange-traded funds (ETFs), index funds or mutual funds. It takes the right kind of individual to invest in commodities, as they are extremely risky. On the…
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    Strange Hotel

    Unique, Quirky, Strange, and Cool Hotels We are all guilty of complaining from time to time about how much we need a vacation. When we finally get tired of the complaining stage, and are ready to move on into the vacationing stage, we will often go online, book a flight, reserve a hotel, and have the same old vacation that we’ve had every year. Soon, we sadly find ourselves needing a vacation from our vacation. In an effort to chase…
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    How to Prepare For the Next Stock Market Crash

    According to a September 10th report from ETF Daily News, professional investors are preparing for a stock market crash. David Zeiler states, “It looks like a growing number of professional investors are preparing for a stock market crash, as hedge fund filings for the second quarter show a spike in defensive positions. n particular, legendary billionaire George Soros made a huge bet against the market. He increased his short position on the Standard & Poor’s 500 by a startling 605%….