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What your Hotel Concierge Should Be Doing for you
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Hotels these days are rarely just about somewhere to lay your head, and instead you find countless amenities and facilities at your fingertips. Of course, this should be expected considering the amount of money you pay to stay for a night, or even a stretch of time. Larger hotels obviously have more perks compared to smaller ones, and larger hotel chains are in competition with each other to make your stay as comfortable and easy as possible, hoping to win back your custom in the future.

One of the biggest perks to staying in a large hotel is of course the hotel concierge.

Now, the work of a concierge is certainly varied, and the job description for such a role is rarely straightforward. A concierge is paid to handle guests’ luggage, solve problems, handle mail, deal with queries, make reservations, and basically be a tour guide as well. No job is deemed to big or too small, and you will read many a tale in published books about the life of a concierge. Repeat business is often reflected in how well a guest was treated by a concierge.

Despite that, what should your hotel concierge be doing to help make your stay as successful and comfortable as possible?

Well other than the obvious, e.g. taking your luggage off your hands, showing you to your room, checking in on you regularly, there are other tasks that a concierge does, aimed at giving you an uncomplicated stay. For example, if you want to book a table at a restaurant, your concierge can do this for you, and if the restaurant is particularly exclusive and tables are at a premium then you would be better off asking your concierge to do the deed for you anyway, as they are notoriously well connected and in the know!

Want to know a little about the surrounding area but you don’t have time to spend a couple of hours pouring over Google? Ask your concierge. Want to know the best places to visit during your couple of hours off? Ask your concierge. Want tickets to a show? Again, ask your concierge. There isn’t a lot these people can’t do!

Concierges are known problem solvers, so if you find yourself stuck, especially with something logistical, then your concierge is your guy or girl. Some hotels also allow you to forward your plans before you arrive, to inform them of any special requirements during your stay, so if you know you have some spare time, or any particular evening when you’re going to need tables booking to entertain business clients, then this can be done in advance, and activities planned. This is all part and parcel of the service a concierge offers.

Because of all this, a concierge is never still, so remember to reward them appropriately, in the form of a tip. Now, how much to tip is a grey area, and I guess it’s down to personal preference, how much your concierge has done for you, as well as which part of the world you’re in. Do a little research beforehand if you’re unsure, to avoid any awkward situations.

The work of a hotel concierge is never done!

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