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Top Tips for Time Management
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It has been said that before a man can even hope to be in charge of others, he must learn to be in charge of himself. If you cannot manage your own time, it will be increasingly difficult to manage a business, and the time of your employees. Because of this, time management is a vital skill to have in order to be successful, whether you are a one-man army, or have an entire company at your disposal. Here are some of the top tips for helping you manage your time.

1 – Start Early, and Start Correctly

Not many of us are fond of the sound of our alarm clock. It can be very tempting to set it for a later time, or hit the snooze button…repeatedly. The sad truth is, we are doing ourselves no favors by allowing those extra minutes of sleep. Getting up early and having a morning routine is essential to success. Whether it is yoga, prayer, or looking at the paper over breakfast and coffee, take a few minutes for you before you start the work day. Start work alert, relaxed, and confident.

2 – First Things First

Once you have taken the time to refresh yourself, get to your office or work area and look it over. Make sure you have all the supplies you will need for the day. Does the printer have paper? Are your files all in order and placed within easy reach? Is there anything that you will need to work today that you do not see? Glance over your calendar to help determine what meetings you may have and what things you may need to look over beforehand. You may also want to take this time to look over your emails and answer any which are pressing.

Don’t Multitask More Than You Can Handle

This is a big one for many people. With social media, emails, office work, employee management, etc, it is almost impossible not to find yourself over-multitasking. In today’s digital age, our ability to multitask is no longer praised, it is expected. People have become proud of their ability to multitask, and never consider the fact that this might not be a good thing. This can, however, cause you to spread yourself too thin. Giving one project your all is often much better than giving several projects just a fraction of your abilities. Take on what you know you can manage. Leave the rest for another day.

Plan for Mistakes and Interruptions

No one is perfect, so why plan your time as if you were? When allotting time for yourself and your work, make sure to plan for those inevitable mistakes and interruptions that can throw a whole day off schedule. “Why plan for mistakes and interruptions everyday when they only happen once or twice a week?” you may ask. Why not? If you plan for them, and they do not happen, you’ve only given yourself extra time at the end of the day. If they do happen, you were ready, and experience no time loss catastrophes.

Photo Credit: MattysFlicks via photopin cc

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