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Top Five Locations for a Luxury Honeymoon
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Honeymoon heaven

Your honeymoon is perhaps the most important holiday you will ever take. It may sound odd to describe a holiday as ‘important’, but when you consider the grand scheme of things, this is your first holiday together as a married couple, something to remember and behold, so of course you want it to be a little different, something special, and dare I say it, something luxurious.

The stress of planning a wedding can be hard-going, so the chance to kick back and relax, be pampered, and enjoy time together is something to grab with both hands. There is seemingly infinite choice when it comes to destination, but there are a few that come up time and time again on top lists, which proves they certainly have something special going for them.

These are five of the best locations you could pick for a honeymoon of luxurious proportions, and the only question really is, which one will you pick?


Simply the word ‘Bali’ conjures up images of blinding blue ocean and white sand, so it’s no surprise this continues to be popular in terms of a honeymoon destination. This South East Asian island has blinding beauty, there’s no doubt bout that, as well as comfort, luxury, and privacy for the entirety of your stay. There are plenty of hotels that cater for honeymooners here, most located in Seminyak and Nusa Dua. For a true escape, head to a five star resort, with spas and amazing views.

St Lucia

There’s not a lot that isn’t luxurious about the Caribbean, and St Lucia is one of the most beautiful islands in the region. The UNESCO area of the Piton Peaks is iconic, and around this area you will find luxury villas and resorts, with private pools and facilities to hide yourself away in paradise. Other than the stunning beaches, the capital, Castries, is a great place to visit, as well as rainforest walks and volcanic terrain, if you happen to get bored of relaxing.


Probably one of the main reasons why the Maldives retains its place on the list of luxury honeymoon destinations is that is never crowded, giving it a feel of real exclusivity. One resort is set on one island, and nothing else, so you’re not jostling for space. Set in the Indian Ocean, you will find colourful and plentiful marine life, bungalows set over the water, idyllic scenes, and amazing sunsets.


If you want something a little different to spending time solely on the beach or by the pool, Kenya is a great choice. It’s not all about roughing it on safari, as you will find plenty of up-market, exclusive tours, including private guided safaris and resorts where you can sleep under the stars in luxury outdoor accommodation. Of course, you could go twin-centre and spend some time recharging your batteries at a luxury hotel in Mombasa before or after your wilderness tour.


Another Indian Ocean suggestion, this archipelago has luxury hotels and resorts in abundance, as well as private islands for a true castaway experience. Mahe is the capital, and here you’ll find a bustling market vibe, which is certainly worth a visit. Most people visit the Seychelles for either a honeymoon or for diving, and you will find some of the largest diving sites around here, as well as fine dining, luxurious spas, and jaw-dropping natural beauty

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