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The Best Golf Rangefinder to Bring on Your Vacation
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One of the best types of vacations to go on is a golfing one, and all enthusiasts would be familiar with the excitement the naturally follows when taking the first steps onto the fresh green in a new location.

The only problem with a golfing vacation is choosing what to take. Let’s face it, golf is a game of accessories. You can’t play golf without a few basics such as your clubs, balls, correct clothing and shoes. And then of course there’s the less essential but equally as important accessories, such a rangefinder. So which is the best golf rangefinder for a vacation? Laser or the best golf GPS? You can read about these at Golf Rangefinders Pro.


Personally, when I go on a golfing vacation, a lot of my trip is planned around the game itself. Therefore, I can plan appropriately beforehand. If you own a GPS rangefinder, as I do, you’ll know that it is essential to first check is the course is preloaded and appears on the rangefinder already. If not, you can download it online depending on the type of rangefinder you own.


A laser rangefinder can also be a great option. The benefit is that they are reliable for use anywhere but depending on the slope of the particular course they may not be as good without a slope feature.


It also depends on other things such as the season you’re playing in and the expected weather conditions. Not only will this result in you having to pack different for clothes for your vacation but it will also mean that different types of rangefinders are more appropriate than others.  
When I travel, I follow the sun. Therefore, I never really encounter the wind or unknown conditions, and a GPS rangefinder does me fine. I would definitely recommend you choose this for your golfing vacation, but the choice is inevitably yours. The only question you should ask is where to go, but for me there’s no question – it’s now Hawaii or nowhere.

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