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Strange Hotels Around the World
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Unique, Quirky, Strange, and Cool Hotels

We are all guilty of complaining from time to time about how much we need a vacation. When we finally get tired of the complaining stage, and are ready to move on into the vacationing stage, we will often go online, book a flight, reserve a hotel, and have the same old vacation that we’ve had every year. Soon, we sadly find ourselves needing a vacation from our vacation. In an effort to chase away the boredom and break up the routine of your next vacation experience, here is a list of totally unique, quirky, strange, but cool hotels!

1- Harads Sweden’s “Mirrorcube”

The Mirrorcube is exactly what it sounds like…and then some. Made of lightweight aluminum, this hotel room is a box covered in mirrors which is four meters by four meters, by four meters. It also happens to be in a tree suspended high above the forest. Up to two people can stay in this cabin which boasts of a double bed, bathroom, living area and roof terrace. A rope bridge from the next tree provides access to this camouflaged treehouse. Rest easy, animal lovers, an ultraviolet color which only birds can see is laminated into the mirrors to avoid birds crashing into the walls.

2- Dog Bark Park Inn

Dog lovers will love this idea. Dog Bark Park Inn is two beagle-shaped hotels, the larger of the two stands thirty feet tall, thirty-four feet long and is fourteen feet wide. He is known as Sweet Willy. There is a loft bedroom in his head and inside the muzzle is an alcove. A fire hydrant doubles as the bathroom. The owners of this Cottonwood, ID hotel built the two beagles with chain saws, painted stucco and carpeting.

3- Liberty Hotel

Once known as the Charles Street Jail, the Liberty Hotel in Boston, MA once housed a few infamous criminals, including Malcom X and former mayor James Curley. The jail, which was built in 1851, was forced to close in 1990 because of overcrowding issues. It re-opened as a 298-room hotel in 2007 and still features parts of the original jail. The drunk tank of the jail was made into a bar named “Alibi,” and the hotel restaurant is named, “Clink.” You can even experience the feeling of being locked up in one of the eighteen rooms that offer the jailhouse ambiance.

Aydinli Cave House Hotel

This hotel opened in Goreme, Turkey in 2008. Carved from natural rock, the family-run establishment boasts of fourteen underground rooms. All rooms are decorated in earthy décor and are literally a part of a seven hundred and fifty year old cave system.

Jules Underwater Lodge

The Jules Underwater Lodge is the very first underwater hotel in the world. Once a research lab, it is on stilts and stands only five feet off of the bottom of the ocean’s floor. Right in the middle of a tropical lagoon, the hotel is always surrounded by all sorts of aquatic life. There is a catch to this tropical get-away. Guests all dive twenty-one feet under the ocean an come up through the floor of the room. If you are not a certified diver, you will need to take a three hour scuba course.

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