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How to Save Money on Your Flight
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The best websites to follow

With increasing airfares, it’s becoming more and more important to save cash on travel wherever possible. If you want to fly business class, you’re going to have to pay for it, so if you can save a bit, all the better.

How to find a cheap deal is somewhat of an art form, and takes time, dedication, and a little bit of luck in terms of being in the right place at the right time. Luckily, there are websites out there who will allow you to find the best deals easily, either through email alerts, or simply an online search facility.

If you type into Google ‘flight deals’ or ‘cheap flights’ you will be presented with pages and pages of results, most of them variations on the same theme, so it’s important to know what’s what when it comes to the best websites to follow for securing that flight deal.


You will no doubt be aware of this site, it’s been around for years and is constantly advertised as one of the best flight search websites out there. Searching split airline bookings, indirect and direct, you can tweak your search to find a better deal, showing you in graph form where the bargains are.

Cheap Flights

Covering a huge amount of airlines, this site searches all the best current deals in real time, and gives you a wide range of results depending on your search criteria. A site you can trust, and a comprehensive one at that.

The Points Guy

This particular site is great for general travel advice and how to save money. There are ways to maximise savings that you might not be aware of, but The Points Guy knows them and will share this valuable information! Great for deals, and general insider advice, so this is a site you should certainly follow closely.


As the name suggests, finding last minute flights can give cheaper results, but it also searches flights not so last minute too. Again, you can sign up to email alerts when there is a particular bargain looming, helping you keep your eye on where the deals are likely to be.


This is a holiday search site, but I often find it a good place to head for deals. Again, email alerts are a good way of keeping track, and you can also find cheap accommodation deals here too, as well as packages. Offering all classes of flight, you can tailor-make your journey either direct or indirect.

You will have no trouble finding a plethora of websites to sign up to for flight deal advice, but you don’t want a full inbox of the same thing, so be sure to be selective, and narrow it down to those who aim to give you the best deals for your money.

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