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How to Outsource your Life  
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Delegation/outsourcing, it’s all generally the same thing, and what’s more, both of these concepts can seriously help in your daily life, not only through work but also making sure everything you need to do back home is sorted out too.

Where work is concerned, outsourcing is certainly the way forward, and you’ll find countless websites dedicated to finding the best contractor or freelancer for your particular task. Look at it this way, if someone is particularly talented in a certain area, and you have a job that needs doing in that area, you’re going to get a higher quality outcome if you go to the person who has the skills! The internet has certainly made outsourcing easier, that’s for sure.

There are several ways you can outsource tasks in your life, here’s just a few.

Freelancing sites, such as oDesk

We mentioned sending tasks to freelancers, who are also trying to make end’s meet, so really you’re doing yourself a favour, and someone else! oDesk is a high quality website where you can be assured of equally high quality freelancers to do your job for you, within mutually agreed timescales. You can easily check out former reviews and ratings of the person you’re looking at hiring, making the whole thing less risky.

For home tasks – hire a cleaner

If you’re struggling to fit in your daily life, such as running a house in conjunction with your work life, then consider delegating out some tasks, such as cleaning. There is a bit of a stigma attached to this, apparently it’s something that only the very wealthy do, but that’s simply not the case. Basically, you have to prioritise tasks in all aspects of your life, and if you can employ someone to take a few tasks off your hands, you’re free to focus on other areas.

Virtual assistants

Again, this is linked to employing a freelancer, but a virtual assistant is basically like your PA, who deals with the admin side of things, but isn’t actually sat in your office with you in person; consider it more of a wandering secretary, if you will. Everything is done via telephone and the internet, which lowers costs because you don’t actually have to pay for lighting and office costs etc. Virtual assistants work from their own home, and the internet is the place to find them, via a reputable website of course.

Online concierge services

Booking transport, tickets, restaurant tables etc, these things all take time, and can be a bit of a logistical nightmare whilst you’re trying to combine it with everything else you’ve got going on. An online concierge is basically a virtual version of the concierge you get in a hotel, there to help you with anything logistical, so you don’t have to co-ordinate it all yourself.

Task Rabbit

Another high quality outsourcing website, but the difference here is that the person you hire is more likely to be local, cutting out any time zone issues. Task Rabbit allows you to outsource smaller tasks to people who live locally to you, giving you more control and making communication a little easier.

The internet has revolutionised our lives in so many ways, but outsourcing tasks to enable you to be more productive in your work is perhaps one of the major perks.

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