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How to Get a Flight Upgrade Without the Points  
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So, you’re flying for business and you want to be comfortable and do a little work en-route, but you’ve checked your points balance and its screaming zero.

What do you do? Well, building up your points ahead of time would obviously prevent this problem from happening and there are lots of credit card offers you can sign up to, which help accrue points, but if you are out of luck on the points front, it’s not game over, because there are a few cheeky tactics you can employ to try and blag yourself an upgrade regardless.

Be nice

This is the simplest way, and may or may not work, as it really does depend on who you get on the day, but simply by asking politely and professionally whether there are any upgrades available when you check in, you could find yourself landing lucky. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Manners sometimes get you to great places, and in this case it could mean you’re upgraded to business class from your economy ticket. Name dropping your company might help you here, but again, it depends who you get and what mood they’re in on the day, as well as availability – if there’s no room, no amount of asking is going to help.

Pay for an upgrade

There are sometimes upgrades available for a fee on the day, and if that’s the case, look into how much it is. If you’re able to and you’re happy to go ahead, pay the money and you’ll automatically be upgraded. You can also sometimes upgrade before your day of travel by contacting the airline or looking online, and in this case you might get it cheaper than on the day.

Do a spot of bidding

There are sometimes bidding schemes you can take part in, which means you bid for an upgrade, for a fee of course. It is a risk, but it sometimes pays dividends. You basically buy your economy grade ticket as normal, and opt in to offers and promotions at the time. You may then receive an email from the airline a week or so before you are due to depart which gives you the chance to upgrade to business class as part of the bidding system. You basically bid the price you’re willing to pay, and then sit and wait. If you’re not successful, it’s nothing lost, and you don’t pay, and you should find out no more than 24 hours before your departure.

These are just three suggestions that could help you bag that precious upgrade, which will make such a difference to your business travel. Like we mentioned before, if you don’t ask, you don’t get, so make sure you try!

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