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How Did Mark Cuban Make His Money?  
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For money-making inspiration, you need look no further than Mark Cuban. Famous the world over, this American businessman and shrewd investor has grown from the roots to the very top of the tree, using sharp decision-making skills and investments to earn his bucks, finding it all in the tech start-up field.

But, just how did he do it?

Relatively young for such a successful entrepreneur, Cuban was hard-working and tenacious even as a child, trying out money making schemes as early as high school, to earn some extra dollars. Cuban has a keen eye for buying and selling, as well as taking risks that some would see as crazy, which have certainly worked in his favour.

Cuban is obviously nowadays famous as being the owner of the NBA team, Dallas Mavericks, and despite his occasional controversy, he is a fan-favourite, simply because he has dragged the team upwards and never lost touch with his roots. On top of that, he has formed and sold on many tech start-up businesses for serious dollar, and is now the owner of Magnolia Pictures and Landmark Theaters.

How did Mark Cuban make his money? Was it luck? Not at all, Cuban has simply made his money by being determined, hard-working, taking carefully calculated risks, and because of a keen eye on when to jump and when to stick.

In 1990, Cuban sold MicroSolutions to CompuServe for $6 million, and this was one of his first business ventures, not bad for a first try! This came from a flare for business, and a sense of knowing you had to work from the bottom upwards. Attitude is everything in business. Computers and technology is where Cuban made his early marks, building up a network easily.

In 1995, Cuban again went into tech start-ups and started AudioNet. Again, building the company from the roots up, the company was finally sold on to Yahoo! for almost $6 billion.

Big bucks!

It was at this time Cuban went back to his roots and his love of NBA, buying the Dallas Mavericks for $285 million. A huge investment, but one that has more than paid itself back. Cuban is passionate about the team, as a fan as well as an owner.

Mark Cuban hasn’t been without his haters, and he has courted controversy and trouble on several occasions, but despite that he has continued to rise up to success. Why? Attitude is everything, as well as a shrewd business mind, razor sharp decision making skills, and a tenacity to succeed no matter what the cost.

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