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Goodbye Stress  
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There aren’t many things in this world that come without an attachment of stress in some guise. Today’s business world is incredibly stressful, and days can end with a feeling of exhaustion, simply from the feeling of being pulled in five different directions. Because of that it’s important to step away from the focus of your upset, for your own health as well as your mental wellbeing. So, if you’re wanting a totally stress-free vacation, where can you go?

Of course, everyone’s preferences are different, and one person’s idea of stressful might not be someone else’s, so you could say that everyone’s list could be different. Having said that though, there are some destinations that time and time again prove to be the ideal break away from everything back home and at work, and even summoning up an idea of the place in your head can make you feel calmer.

Check out these suggestions.

The Indian Ocean region

I’ve lumped this together because basically you could say the same thing about many different destinations within this region. Put simply, this area of the world screams R&R, with blinding blue ocean, white sand, and colourful marine life. You could look at it this way, dentists put fish tanks in waiting rooms to calm down their patients, so a spot of diving in their natural habitat should certainly work the same way! Spas, treatments, cocktails overlooking a sunset, baking sun, what could be stressful about any of this? Resorts tend not to be crowded either, so you’re unlikely to be at risk of being dive-bombed by a gaggle of children whilst you’re reading your book by the pool.

The Caribbean

Again, a large region, but how many times have you read about the laid-back vibe of the Caribbean? It’s famous for it for a reason, and the ‘don’t worry, be happy’ outlook stretches into the minds of visitors as well as locals. A cruise could be a good way to see the region, although they can be very busy, so it may be a case of picking an island and truly exploring it. The Bahamas are popular, and St Lucia is simply stunning, with more in the way of wildlife to visit. The Dominican and Cuba are good bets too.

Find your inner self in India

Have you ever considered a yoga retreat? It’s certainly something to think about if you are particularly affected by work stress. There are plentiful retreats around the country and Goa is a great place to head if you want to combine it with a more holiday-like situation. You’ll also experience true culture, which opens up the mind and helps you take stock of your own life, and perhaps your business life too.

Lake Garda, Italy

There’s something stunningly idyllic about the wilderness of Lake Garda. Such a huge body of water and soaring mountains, it has the habit of making you feel small, and in turn, making your worries seem tiny too. Book into one of the many luxury hotels for true rest and relaxation, and head outdoors for plenty of fresh air, with water-sports, mountain biking, and walking trails aplenty.

Cabin up in Switzerland

Being cut off from the world needn’t be literal, you could instead book into a log cabin in the heart of the Swiss Alps and surround yourself with nothing but huge mountains, snow and dramatic landscapes; throw in a hot tub and you could really treat yourself! This kind of break is wilderness at its best, giving you the chance to really unwind.

These are just a few suggestions you might like to look into in your quest to de-stress your life; a week or two in any of these destinations would certainly do the trick.

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