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Five of the Highest Earning Tech Start-Ups in History
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Legends of the technological world

We all know that there is money to be made with computers and technology, the sheer complexity of it requires a shrewd mind and plenty of business know-how, but the rewards are huge. Take Bill Gates for example, the man is known the world over, even by people who don’t really understand technology, they know his name at the very least. Why? Because he is one of the highest earning businessmen in history, all from his small tech-start up that grew into the monster it is today.

Huge potential, I think you’ll agree.

Let’s look at five of the most successful and highest earning tech start-ups around.


We all know it, and whether you use it or not, you know what it does and what it’s for. First used as a way to stay in touch with people, Facebook is now used as a way to market products to the masses, with the massive growth of social media in today’s society. The man behind it all is of course Mark Zuckerberg, a business brain that made him a billionaire. Launched in February 2004, Facebook now has around 864 million daily users, has obtained subsidaries that are hugely successful in themselves, such as WhatsApp and Instagram, and recorded a 2013 revenue of around $7.87 billion. That’s a definite ‘like’!


Who doesn’t use Google on a daily basis? Not many! The search engine is now part of a major social and business company, which branched out into online advertising and software to make even more cash. Larry Page and Sergey Brin are the men behind the world famous and ground-breaking site, which again branched out into YouTube, another recognised name. Money figures? Again 2013 showed a revenue of $59.825 billion.


Want to sell something you don’t want? You eBay it, right? Easy, quick, and almost guaranteed money in your pocket. Founded way back in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar, the online auction and shopping site is now global, and a regular in most people’s lives. Linking to PayPal to pay for goods, 2013’s revenue was close to $16.05 billion, with a huge number of worldwide employees. Success, I think you’ll agree.


As I type this, even spell check knows PayPal’s name, which should tell you plenty about it’s success! A way to pay for goods online with plenty of security and protection, the digital wallet, as it is described, also allows online money transfers between users, making movement of money quick and easy. Linked to eBay, as we mentioned before, PayPal is now recognised by most major retailers as a way to pay. Elon Musk is a very rich man because of it, with a revenue of $6.6 billion in 2013.


Finally we have the monster of the tech start-up world, the seed that grew into a major forest and spread across the world. You will probably be using some kind of Microsoft product to read this, and Bill Gates if of course the guy to thank. Founded in 1975, Microsoft has made billionares and thousands of millionaires out of its employees, as it has branched out into gaming (with the Xbox), and mobile phones (Windows phone). The most recent figures are from 2014 and show a whopping $86.83 billion in revenue, continuing to grow. I think you’ll agree Mr Gates is probably the most successful tech man in history.

Technology is the way to big money!

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