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Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Proposal
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High speed confusion?

You might be aware of Elon Musk, he is of course known for being the founder of multi-billion dollar company, PayPal, amongst others, and when this man has an idea and puts together a proposal, you can be assured he means business.

The latest idea? High speed transportation, nearly reaching the speed of sound. Hair-raising? Well, when you look into what it will involve for the passenger, it’s not likely to feel any different to flying. The science behind it? A little different.

Named ‘hyperloop’, Musk has put together his proposal for transportation between LA and San Francisco, a journey of 380 miles, in a form that will take only 30 minutes, reach speeds of 760mph.


Well, this project is will cost around $6 billion, if it happens, and would involve the use of magnets and fans to force movement forward of a capsule, holding the passengers, through a long tube (in theory, although that in itself has logistical issues), using air to bring about this predicted fast movement. The idea is to use the power of the sun to provide the power on acceleration and deceleration, making it a totally green source of transportation. A compressor would be put on the front of the capsule to move it along, and create a smoother ride on a blanket of air.

Sounds a little out there, but when you look at the science in detail, it is possible.

The advantages are obviously the speed, the environmental factors, and that the hyperloop is thought to be a more reliable form of transport. The cost of a journey? Around $20, so low cost too.

Despite this proposal, a major move forward with the hyperloop is likely to be delayed for a while, due to Musk being busy on many other projects, and it is thought that to complete a reliable demo model, it could take up to four years minimum. It is likely however that once the plan becomes a little clearer, there will be forward movements in putting the wheels in motion. The building of such a plan would also run into problems in terms of sheer scale, so if it did actually go ahead and be passed forward to the building stage, you’re looking at years before the network is complete, effectively used, and open for business.

In terms of a great idea however, you have to say that Musk’s forward thinking and imagination really does open doors to future high speed travel possibilities.

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