Mar 1
How to Outsource your Life  
1 Mar, 2017. 0 Comments. Productivity. Posted By: admin
Delegation/outsourcing, it’s all generally the same thing, and what’s more, both of these concepts can seriously help in your daily life, not only through work but also making sure everything you need to do back home is sorted out too. Where work is concerned, outsourcing is certainly the way forward, and you’ll find countless websites dedicated to finding the best contractor or freelancer for your particular task. Look at it this way, if someone is particularly talented in a certain area, and you have a job that needs doing in that area, you’re going to get a higher quality outcome…
Jan 27
Top Ten Best Productivity Hacks
27 Jan, 2017. 0 Comments. Productivity. Posted By: admin
Not enough hours in the day? Unfortunately we can’t add extra hours to the working day, what we can do however is find ways to make the hours we do have more productive. How so? Well, procrastination is one of the worst culprits for time wasted, but sometimes no matter how hard you feel you’re working, you’re just not getting anywhere. The key is to look at what exactly it is you’re doing, and what you could do differently. Prioritise. Without a doubt, organising your tasks in order of importance and performing them in this order will get you where…
Jan 23
Goodbye Stress  
23 Jan, 2015. 0 Comments. Productivity. Posted By: admin
There aren’t many things in this world that come without an attachment of stress in some guise. Today’s business world is incredibly stressful, and days can end with a feeling of exhaustion, simply from the feeling of being pulled in five different directions. Because of that it’s important to step away from the focus of your upset, for your own health as well as your mental wellbeing. So, if you’re wanting a totally stress-free vacation, where can you go? Of course, everyone’s preferences are different, and one person’s idea of stressful might not be someone else’s, so you could say…
Oct 10
Social Networking for the Rich
10 Oct, 2014. 0 Comments. Productivity. Posted By: admin
According to a report from, A network known as “Netropolitan” is offering social networking for the elite. The site will cost “£5,500 or $9000 to join plus nearly £2,000 or $3000 in annual membership fees.” The site is quoted to say that its purpose is for people to be able to discuss such topics as “fine wines, fancy cars, and lucrative business decisions without judgement.” The founder of Netropolitan, James Touchi-Peters likens the website to “real world social clubs or country clubs,” and points out that most of those “charge many multiples of what we're charging.” What Happens in Netropolitan,…
Oct 10
Top Tips for Time Management
10 Oct, 2014. 0 Comments. Productivity. Posted By: admin
It has been said that before a man can even hope to be in charge of others, he must learn to be in charge of himself. If you cannot manage your own time, it will be increasingly difficult to manage a business, and the time of your employees. Because of this, time management is a vital skill to have in order to be successful, whether you are a one-man army, or have an entire company at your disposal. Here are some of the top tips for helping you manage your time. 1 – Start Early, and Start Correctly Not many…