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3 Careers That Are No Longer Female Dominated
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More men are entering into careers that were once seen as female only opportunities. This growing trend is mixing the job market adding diversity and new perspective to the working world we’re in. Why might this be happening?

Female-dominated jobs seem to be increasing in demand worldwide. The U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics anticipate that there will be more males work in these female dominated jobs. So, what are these female dominated careers? Let’s explore.



Women are often seen as social butterflies in comparison to their rough and tough male counterparts. Whether this is the reason or not, Call Centres tend to be dominated by female employees.

However, with the rising demands from many new economic opportunities, call centres are becoming a universal calling for both men and women alike.



Respite work provides support to families that need a break from a family member who has a disability. This style of job has always been seen as ideal for female role identities entailing caretaking, cleaning, and other household chores.

Nonetheless, more men are seeking these careers and providing a level of care which comes simply from the ability to provide genuine human to human relationships.



There’s one career that almost always gets identified as female dominated: nursing. Nursing is a job that requires a great deal of caring and emotional support. Due to the “motherly” nature of females, it’s easy to see why this job would be the perfect fit for them.

Regardless, trends seem to be shifting toward more males seeking to build a career in nursing. In this industry in particular, there are a whole lot of changes taking place. Since nursing had been predominated by females, much of the gear and products tailored to the needs of nurses were mostly made for females.

Now that nursing is becoming a common career for males, it can be difficult to find a good range of products when looking for the best shoes for male nurses. However, as trends shift this can be expected to change very fast.

The health care system is constantly in great demand to support our growing populations and tackle the ever changing illnesses impacting our health. Many men are seeking careers in non-traditional male roles like lab technicians and medical assistants as both a means to obtain a competitive salary but also to embark upon a stable and respectable career path.

There will always be changes in trends as the war on gender equality continues to go on. However, as the pendulum swings to a more gender neutral perspective regarding who does what, you can expect to see more males taking on what once were female dominated careers.

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