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2017’s Best Airlines for Business Travel
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When you’re travelling for business, not pleasure, you need certain perks to go along for the ride. For example, if you’re heading off long-haul you need extra leg room, you need facilities to make your journey more comfortable, and you need certain extras to help you do some work whilst you fly.

We know that most large airlines have a business class section for most flights, and upgrading is probably the best way to ensure a comfortable and productive journey. Having said that, how do you know which are the best in terms of business travel, and how can you find reliable information? Well, there are your usual big hitters in the aviation world which continue to be ever-popular, and it’s not too much of a stretch to sum up that their business class facilities are particularly good.

To narrow down your search, below you’ll find some of the best airlines for business travel, all tipped to increase their share in this coming year.

Delta Airlines

Delta is a huge US airline, we know this, with a hub in Atlanta. Flying internal through the US with Delta is almost like catching a bus, but their international flights are particularly good quality facility-wise too. New aircraft should also up the ante, with plenty of leg room, lots of routes, and excellent business class facilities for doing a little work en route.

Singapore Airlines

World famous for long-haul routes over to the Far East, which much of today’s business is done, Singapore Airlines have predictably fantastic business class facilities, with first class suites, total privacy, and extra leg room. The airline continue to win awards and are tipped again for this year.


Mega-bucks airline, Emirates, are known the world over for comfort and class, with luxury facilities and entertainment for the duration of your journey. Those with an upgrade to the top class can enjoy onboard spas, lounges, and private suites, almost like a flying hotel.

British Airways

Hubbed at Heathrow, BA are famous for high-class business travel, with food and drinks included, and plenty of extra room to kick back and relax, or do a little work whilst you fly. BA have been around for a long time, but their routes continue to expand.

Swiss Airlines

The old ones are the best they say, and Swiss Airlines have always been popular, possibly because of where their hub is based, in Zurich. The facilities at their airport, if you’re waiting for a connecting flight, are second to none, and again business class facilities on board are up there with the best, with plenty of room and high class food and drinks.

You could argue that there’s not much between the big hitters when it comes to business class travel, but separating the wheat from the chaff is important if you’re going to get the right airline for your needs. This coming year should see re-emergence or continued popularity for the above airlines.

Photo Credit: Aero Icarus via photopin cc

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